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Unleash your team's potential and bring your projects to life with Miro, your all-in-one workspace for project management.

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Foster collaboration

No more siloed work. Improve teamwork by bringing visibility with a shared workspace, and manage projects easily, no matter where you are.

Track progress effortlessly

Integrate your Kanban boards with Jira and Asana and monitor every project milestone at a glance. Quickly assign tasks, follow up, and request instant feedback with comments directly on your project board.

Streamline workflows

Make work easier with Miro’s suite of project management tools. From planning to execution, create a central hub that supports your team every step of the way.

Why Miro is great for managing your project

Easy formatting

Tailor your project management process to suit your team’s needs. Use our editing features to create a project management board that helps you collaborate seamlessly.

Infinite possibilities

No space constraints here! Expand your canvas infinitely to house all your ideas, plans, and tasks. Easily integrate with your favorite tools, from Asana to Slack and more.


Switch from work mode to presentation mode easily. Share project updates and results in a professional, engaging format.

Share it

Circulate your vision with stakeholders in a single click. Invite collaborators to edit, comment, and brainstorm together on a shared workspace.

Related templates

Help your Agile team make their productivity and progress visible.

Track project timelines, tasks, and dependencies at a single glance using a PERT diagram.

Create a source of truth for teams to visualize and reach project milestones.

Track each project using this milestone template, both on a visual timeline and on a static chart.

Align teams and work towards the same vision.

Optimize processes and improve your team’s efficiency.

More than just a project management tool

Miro is not just another tool for managing projects — it's a comprehensive workspace designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and productivity across all teams and organizations.

Gantt Chart

Design projects efficiently and visualize all tasks in one timeline. Run engaging sessions, and manage progress collaboratively all in one Gantt Chart tool.

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SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis

Understand the market landscape and anticipate opportunities and threats with a SWOT analysis tool. Make better-informed decisions and align teams on company goals and strategies.

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From initial ideas to out-in-the-world solutions, create a roadmap that supports you in every step of your project.

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Plan, organize and track work all in one place. Communicate timeframes, context, and deadlines, and create workflows that bring projects to life.

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Stay organized and visualize processes in one space. Move teams toward the same objectives, surfacing dependencies and anticipating what’s next.

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Look back on what worked — and what didn’t — and come out of your retrospective with valuable input to improve processes and set your team up for success.

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Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Propel your plans from strategy through execution. Run engaging kickoff sessions, build visual presentations, manage and track progress collaboratively, all in one online planning tool.

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How to manage a project with Miro


Start with a template

Choose from a variety of ready-made project management templates.


Invite your team

Quickly grant access to your project by sharing your board link.


Customize your workflow

Use our many editing tools to tailor your project board to suit your team’s needs.


Collaborate and track

Keep everyone on the same page and monitor your project's progress in real time.


Present and share

Once ready, present your project, and share your results easily in Presentation mode.

FAQs about managing projects in Miro

Miro supports real time collaboration, providing a shared workspace for teams to brainstorm, plan, and execute projects seamlessly.

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