Milestone chart template

Display all your project milestones in a visual timeline.

A milestone chart allows you to create a visual timeline for when specific tasks have started and finished. It provides a simple overview of how a project is progressing and can help ensure that tasks are completed on time and the entire project stays on schedule.

About the milestone chart template

How do you use the milestone chart template?

You can use the milestone chart template to visually track the smaller steps of a large project. We’ve pre-populated the template with several columns for each milestone as well as rows to keep track of deadlines, steps, and deliverables. You can customize any of this to fit the needs of your specific project.

Who should use a milestone chart?

Any team that’s working on a large, collaborative project with multiple tasks and deadlines can use a milestone chart. You may also find it useful to share the milestone chart with your managers or customers to keep them updated on your progress and likelihood of meeting your overall deadline.   

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