Technology Roadmap

Technology Roadmap Template

Utilise our Technology Roadmap to plan and strategize for a technology adoption plan across your organization.

About the Technology Roadmap Template

Technology roadmaps (also known as IT roadmaps) show teams what technology is available to them, focusing on to-be-scheduled improvements. You can also identify gaps or overlap between phased-out tech tools, as well as software or programs soon to be installed. 

Team leads can offer strategic direction toward a cohesive digital transformation (or timely upgrade) so your team has the relevant technology to stay competitive. 

Keep reading to learn more about technology roadmaps.

What is a technology roadmap

A technology roadmap helps teams document the rationale of when, why, how, and what tech-related solutions can help the company move forward. 

From a practical point of view, the roadmap should also outline what kinds of tools are best to spend money on, and the most effective way to introduce new systems and processes.

The roadmap can also help you connect technology the company needs with its long- and short-term business objectives on a strategic level. 

A technology roadmap usually includes:

  • Company or team goals

  • New system capabilities

  • Release plans for each tool

  • Milestones to reach

  • Resources needed

  • Training needed

  • Risk factors or potential roadblocks to consider

  • Status report reviews

Several teams and stakeholders are usually involved in technology roadmapping, from IT to general, product, and project managers; to operations, engineering, finance, sales and marketing, and legal. 

The roadmap allows everyone to align and understand how different tasks and responsibilities related to implementation impact their productivity. 

Create your own technology roadmap

Making your own technology roadmaps is easy. Miro’s whiteboard tool is the perfect canvas to create and share them. Get started by selecting the Technology Roadmap Template, then take the following steps to make one of your own.

  1. Clarify your goals. Invite your team to map out both long- and short-term business goals related to tech implementation. That way, everyone gets a better idea of how technology helps keep the business running and how those systems can scale up as the business evolves. 

  2. Note new system capabilities. Get your team thinking about what opportunities you can access by implementing new systems and platforms. What scalability or enhancements will be on offer, that can grow the business from its current state?

  3. Update your release plans. These usually are predictable and scheduled months in advance. These plans should be made available beyond your immediate team. You can share the Miro Board across your organization or convert it to a PDF to share as an email attachment. 

  4. Record important milestones. Milestones are important dates that serve as performance checkpoints for projected outcomes. These dates help everyone understand long-term goals, and keep track of whether tech adoption is successful, post-implementation. 

  5. Track your available resources. If new technologies need implementation alongside updating existing systems, consider the money, time and people needed to make it happen. A clear roadmap can show your team who depends on whom and make it easier to work together to achieve your goal. 

  6. Identify any training needs. Set aside some time to help internal teams or new hires get up to speed on new software. For efficiency’s sake, it helps to remember that there’s a ramping-up period before productivity can reach expected levels. 

  7. Uncover your risk factors. Identifying potential disruptions, limitations, or challenges to adopt new technology helps your team stay on track for successful implementation. 

  8. Keep your team informed with status reports. You can connect your technology roadmap with Jira cards to visually organize issues and risks.

Technology Roadmap FAQ

When to use a technology roadmap?

Technology roadmaps can help internal teams decide their technical infrastructure and changes they need to make. They can also help you prioritize tech to focus on, get buy-in, and collaborate across teams throughout the development process. Use this template whenever you need to help your team: - Get a clear picture of your company’s current IT abilities - Map out relationships between business objectives and IT infrastructure - Address unresolved IT issues - Cut costs by getting rid of outdated or rarely used tech and apps - Increase tech-based productivity - Improve cybersecurity - Find infrastructure weaknesses and resolve system failures - Prepare for a company-wide digital transformation Technology roadmaps focus on identifying high-level goals and driving action toward next steps. Task management can then be handed over to the project managers on your team as needed.

Technology Roadmap Template

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