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Your typical roadmap, only better

From initial ideas to out-in-the-world solutions, create a roadmap that supports you in every step of your project. Move seamlessly between ideation, planning, creation, alignment, execution, and iteration in one shared workspace, making it easier for teams to collaborate and create their next big thing.

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Craft a roadmap that works for you

Align your organization’s goals, prioritize tasks, manage resources, all in one visual roadmap. See dependencies and eliminate bottlenecks faster, giving teams more visibility and agility.


Why teams choose Miro for roadmapping

All you need in one workspace

Guide teams from the initial idea to delivery creating one central hub for ideation, planning, creation, alignment, execution, and iteration. Reduce friction connecting Miro with tools you already use, like UserTesting, Confluence, Notion, Jira, and more.

Empower teams

Invite everyone to contribute, keep your roadmap up to date, and make sure your roadmap reflects real time changes. Create a sense of joint ownership and accountability when developing the roadmap, improving team engagement and iterating faster.

Track projects seamlessly

Easily communicate plans to different stakeholders with engaging visuals, and track your launches easily with cards, Talktracks, and other content and data tools. Ensure everyone is aligned and informed at all stages.

Become a storyteller

Craft your product vision with rich, dynamic visualizations, adding live data to your roadmap to build understanding. Quickly catch dependencies and drive alignment - leading to faster delivery later in the development process.

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How to use Miro for your roadmap development



Keep track of tasks and progress

Use structured visualization to keep everyone informed, and adapt to changes when needed.


Content and data visualization

Easily pull in all relevant user research, supporting content, and data from your favorite tools to provide the bigger picture behind your roadmap.


Workshops and async collaboration

Collaborate and share roadmaps in real-time or async to update team members and stakeholders.


Integrated with your favorite tools

Ideas, inspiration, and intel in full view. Visualize marketing campaigns and client and prospect info to take action, and track tasks and status updates for the team.

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Customer stories

“Teams use Miro to create roadmaps and workflows for the next year, documenting every workstream that needs to take place, the assignees, and the status.”

Jason Dziak

Group Experience Director at Dell Digital

Roadmap FAQs

Miro is a digital workspace where teams work together and innovate. For roadmap development, it provides everything you need to move seamlessly from ideation to execution, all in one single space. When comparing Miro to other roadmapping tools, a key difference is that most tools only support the 'create' stage of roadmapping (eg., creating tasks/cards that explain what needs to be done, and adding them to a timeline), while in Miro, teams get supported throughout all roadmapping stages, so managers visually outline, prioritize, plan and execute on projects without the usual manual work, making more room for work that matters.

Other Miro solutions

Visual Project Management

Simplify the complex and get better results by visualizing projects in Miro. See relationships and dependencies between tasks with Miro cards, Kanbans, flowcharts, and integrations with Jira, Monday.com, Asana, and more.

Content and Data Visualization

Bring content and data into a single workspace so teams can visualize the big picture, share context, and make better decisions.

Workshops and async collaboration

Turbocharge feedback cycles, empower teams with unified decision-making, and fuel engagement. Elevate outcomes through Miro's dynamic toolkit, from interactive workshops to immersive video walkthroughs.

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