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Get the pricing right with a supply and demand graph maker

Quickly create a supply and demand graph and get insights on pricing and the best way to target consumers. With Miro, present data, draft your business plan and achieve better outcomes.

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Graphing supply and demand made easy

Create your supply and demand graph for business pitches and presentations with just a few clicks. Improve storytelling and make sure everyone understands the relationship between your products and the market.

Why Miro is great for graphing supply and demand

Plan for better outcomes

Miro’s infinite canvas allows you to add sticky notes, documents, and other artifacts to support your graph creation. Plan market strategies and share your pricing insights with your supply and demand graph.

Flexible graph creation

Miro’s supply and demand graph maker is highly customizable. Drag and drop shapes to create your graph, and double-click them to edit and format. Easily tailor your graph to fit your presentation.

Everything in one place

Tap into 300+ free, ready-made templates — including supply and demand graphs, flowcharts, timelines, and more — then turn them into project hubs. Miro’s visual workspace allows you to ideate, manage, and collaborate on projects all in one shared space.

Get instant feedback

Use a supply and demand curve graph maker to adjust pricing and business plans. Request input from stakeholders by tagging them in comments or stickies so you move faster in implementing changes.

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How to make a supply and demand graph with Miro


Select the template

Access the Templates Library and select the Supply and Demand Graph Template.


Add the data

Double-click the shapes to edit the data on your graph. Enter the number of goods on the x-axis and the price on the y-axis.


Shape your supply and demand graph

Draw the supply curve by plotting the quantity supplied at different prices. Then draw the demand curve by plotting the quantity demanded at different prices. Finally, determine the market equilibrium point, where the supply and demand curves intersect.


Share with others

Add your supply and demand graph to any presentation or board. Download it as an image or PDF, or share your board link with your team and stakeholders.

Integrated with your favorite tools

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Supply and demand graph maker FAQs

To make a supply and demand graph with data, you need to plot the data points on a graph. The x-axis will represent the quantity of the item, and the y-axis will represent the item's price. Then, draw a line connecting the data points to show the supply and demand curves. The supply curve is the line that shows the quantity of the item that the suppliers are willing to supply at each price level. The demand curve is the line that shows the quantity of items the customers are willing to buy at each price level. The intersection of these two lines is the equilibrium price and quantity.

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