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Strategy Presentation Template

Present the key points of your strategy using a Strategy Presentation Template. Ensure that your team understands the direction to take and how to execute plans.

About the Strategy Presentation Template

This Strategy Presentation Template helps transform strategic ideas and thinking into actionable plans. With a clear template, you can present a strategy to your team to ensure that everyone is on the same page about where your business is heading. 

Visual learning is a great way to engage employees and get them on board with never-before-seen ideas. The Miro Strategy Presentation Template will ensure that everyone listening understands the strategy presented and has a clear idea of the role they’ll play.

What’s a strategy presentation?

Strategies are the ideas and approaches business leaders map out to secure the future of a company. A strategy isn’t a plan. Rather, it’s a list of methods your team will use to achieve the company goals. These tactics refer to the what, how, and why of certain ideas to get everyone on board with the moves your team will make. 

Presenting your strategies is the best way to allow people to understand what the business will focus on in the future. Strategies are often more abstract than concrete plans. 

So, being able to discuss and present them to an audience can be challenging. A well-structured presentation is a great way to get employees to understand their roles and responsibilities in applying future strategies. 

What should be in a strategy presentation? 

The success of a presentation depends on the content included in it. It must be holistic, easy to understand, and flow well to keep listeners engaged. Your strategy presentation should: 

Discuss the big picture. The big picture should be your starting point for your strategy presentation. The overall goals and aims of your business should guide your strategies and provide an overview of the end goal. It’s important that listeners learn about this overarching approach to understand the rationale behind certain strategies.

Focus on the “why” of each strategy. It’s important that the team members involved in the strategy execution understand the “why” behind the business strategy. This will motivate and direct them as they complete their specific tasks within the overall strategy.

Benefits of a strategy presentation 

The following are the biggest advantages of a strategy presentation:

It establishes a sense of direction. The main benefit of a strategy presentation is to bring everyone in the business on board with the company’s direction and goals. It’s important that everyone understands this direction to work collaboratively and effectively to achieve the strategic goals. 

It improves focus within the team. A strategy presentation helps everyone understand the business objectives and key results, the actions they need to take to deliver the strategy, and their role in the business’s success. Based on this critical information, employees and workers will focus more on the tasks they need to complete.

It presents information visually. A strategy presentation is an effective way to visually communicate ideas to everyone on your team. Technical speeches with a lot of business jargon might be difficult for some to understand, but a strategy presentation template can help.

How to use the Strategy Presentation Template 

Here’s how to use this template to effectively communicate and present your strategy:

1. Fill in the frames with your strategy information

The Strategy Presentation Template has frames that act like editable slides for your presentation. Start by filling in each frame with the key information regarding your strategy. From the big picture and individual strategies to roles and jobs to be done, it’s important that you include all the ideas you want to discuss.

2. Customize the template

One of the main benefits of using this template is its flexibility. If certain frames don’t suit the message you want to convey, you can easily remove slides or edit them to suit your needs. You can move frames, arrange content on frames in a grid-like mode, and hide content on frames from your collaborators’ view. The frames are easy to manipulate, and the template is set up in a way that makes it easy to jump between slides to facilitate discussion and collaboration.

3. Use presentation mode

Once you’ve organized the information on each frame, it’s time to present. After entering full-screen presentation mode, use the arrow icons or arrow keys to navigate between frames as you showcase your strategy like a professional. 

4. Get feedback

Developing a strategy should be a collaborative process. It’s easy to share your strategy presentation with the rest of your team by creating a link or adding others as collaborators. Share your slides and get feedback anytime, anywhere.

How to pull off a great strategy presentation 

Presentations can be daunting, and getting your message across isn’t always an easy task. Keep the following tips in mind to help your strategy presentation communicate your strategic ideas effectively:

Make sure your insight is focused

Before you start thinking about presenting your company strategy, it’s important that your information is well researched and focused. It must not be scatterbrained, and claims must not be made without research to back them up. This is where you must collaborate with different people in your business to understand their opinions. You should also have a clear picture of the positions within the company and the role each person plays in carrying out the strategies.

Communicate the principles

The listeners of your presentation should understand the principles the strategy is based on. For example, if a strategy is focused on increasing productivity using a certain method, the principles of that method should be discussed. This brings it back to the “why.” The “why” must be explained and discussed throughout the presentation for your strategy to be properly received.

FAQs about the Strategy Presentation Template

How do you start a business presentation strategy?

The best way to start a business presentation strategy is to discuss the job at hand. In other words, the presentation should start with the problem that needs to be solved. After this problem is understood and discussed, move on to the strategies that will be employed to solve it. After the introduction, this is the best way to engage the audience and make sure they understand the entire picture.

How do you structure a strategy presentation?

Having a well-structured strategy presentation is key to maintaining your audience’s attention and getting your point across. Begin by discussing the problem that needs solving. Secondly, discuss the principles that will underpin the strategies to be discussed later — the “why.” Lastly, after listeners begin thinking about solutions to the problem, present your ideas and tactics. This lends itself to a brainstorming and collaboration session.

When do you use a strategy presentation?

Strategy presentations can be used in any business sector that needs a revamp or has a problem that needs to be solved. For example, if your company wants to boost its online presence, it might be helpful to plan a social media strategy presentation. These strategic planning presentations can be used in all aspects of your business, from expansion to improving customer experience.

Strategy Presentation Template

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