Strategy Map Template

Use the Miro strategy map template to prioritize and identify key strategy goals to move your company forward.
Identify the primary strategic goals that are being pursued by your team
A strategy map is a highly effective way to roll out an organizational strategy, stay focused on objectives, describe causes, and see how strategic objectives affect each other.
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Build a powerful strategy map
with Miro features

Strategy map template

Save time by using an adaptable, pre-made strategy map template

Fill in a pre-made template and customizing it to suit your needs. Export your strategy map in .PDF or .JPG, or make a presentation right on the board.
Sticky notes features

Make a visual framework for the corporate objectives with a strategy map template

Use sticky notes as balanced scorecards, change colors or put tags to differentiate clusters of ideas. Upload documents and links to present your point of view.
Communicate with your team in real time

Collaborate and keep in touch
with your remote team

Type and resolve comments, chat or make a video call with your colleagues to discuss your strategy map – right now and wherever they are.
Discuss online

Share online access with your team
to create together

Involve your teammates in the creation process by sharing online access to your template. Make changes and don't worry about saving them. Everything will be saved automatically.
Connection from any devices

Real-time access from any device

Engage your team to collaborate on the strategy map template from any device: interactive whiteboard, personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Build your workflow around a single tool

Use integrations to build your workflow around
a single tool

Make your strategy map as powerful as possible by connecting Miro to a growing list of apps and services: Atlassian’s JIRA, Google Drive, Slack, Trello, DropBox and OneDrive.
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