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Value Chain Analysis Template

Understand the value of the product or service your business has delivered to your customers.

About the Value Chain Analysis template

What is value chain analysis?

A value chain is a set of activities that a company performs in order to deliver a valuable product from start to finish. The analysis itself allows your team to visualize all the business activities involved in creating the product—and helps you identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and miscommunication within the process. 

Advantages of performing value chain analysis

First coined by Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter, the value chain analysis helps your team evaluate your business activities so you can find ways to improve your competitive advantage. The analysis will also help you determine costs, find activities adding the most value, outshine your competitors, and improve the value of what you deliver to your customers.

Building a product can be costly in both time and resources. Even worse, it can be almost impossible to know whether a process works until after you’ve tried it. A value stream analysis helps you visualize more complex or intangible processes.

Every business should perform this analysis at some point.  Your team can do this anytime you want to improve your competitive advantage, taking the following steps:

  1. Define your business’s primary activities (e.g. logistics, operations, marketing).

  2. Define your business’s support activities (e.g. HR, infrastructure, tech).

  3. Analyze the cost and value of each.

  4. Discover opportunities that allow you to gain a competitive advantage. 

Create your own value chain analysis 

Getting started with your team’s value chain analysis  is easy with Miro’s template. Simply click “Use Template” and take the following steps to customize it for your own value chain analysis:

Step 1: Replace the canned text in the orange squares and blue lines with your business’s specific primary and support business activities. 

Step 2: Use sticky notes to map out the process for each business activity.

Step 3: Identify where bottlenecks occur, and find areas where you can maximize value and gain a competitive advantage.

Value Chain Analysis Template

Value Chain Template

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