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Value stream mapping is a visual management tool that helps to represent and improve the flow of manufacturing and production processes as well as the information that controls the flow of materials through the processes. Value stream mapping is used to define and optimize the various steps involved in getting a product, service, or value-adding project from beginning to end. This kind of visual map is widely used in different fields, from business to engineering. Depending on your industry, you might use the Miro value stream map template and customize it as you need it!

How do you create a value stream map in Miro?
  • Start by filling out a template. Change shapes, colors, add arrows and sticky notes to make the map more visual and vivid.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders by sharing real-time access to your board with them. Share your template with all your colleagues to ask questions, have discussions and get quick feedback.
  • Upload all useful information flows to your map, using the list of integrations. Include how customers order products, their order frequency, communication channels, etc., to manage the big picture of your process and identify restrictions, bottlenecks and all other factors that limit effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Collaborate from any device wherever you are. Download the Miro app and track changes while you are on the go.
Tip: Add more templates and combine them to increase your productivity and create a full view of your process.
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