AWS Architecture Diagram Template

The AWS Architecture Diagram is a visual representation of the AWS framework, and it also translates the best practices when using Amazon Web Services architecture.

About the AWS Architecture Diagram 

The AWS Architecture Diagram is a visual representation of the Amazon Web Services architecture. AWS is a cloud web service designed for you to store data at a minimum cost. Government agencies, companies, and organizations often need to store their data securely without overloading the platforms, and with the AWS Architecture, they can ensure their cloud solutions are working smoothly.    

Keep reading to learn more about the AWS Architecture Diagram Template.

What is an AWS Architecture Diagram Template

The AWS Architecture Diagram Template, like any other network diagram, visually shows the necessary steps of the architecture within AWS. The AWS Architecture Diagram has unique icons, symbols, and arrows that you can use for planning, designing, or auditing an architecture before or after deployment. 

What are the AWS Diagram system elements? 

The AWS architecture system key elements include: 

Shapes: includes service, resource, or general resource icons from AWS.    

Connectors: includes arrows that describe a flow of information or connect different parts of the diagram. They have a predetermined color. 

Layout and grouping: the groups show the connection between multiple services or resources. 

Styling and semantics: the colors mean the types of AWS functions and they are predetermined. When selecting an icon from the library, the right color will automatically be used.  

When to use AWS Architecture Diagram Template

You can use the AWS Architecture Diagram Template to communicate and collaborate with your team. With the AWS Architecture diagram, you will be able to: 

  • Identify single points of error

  • Design for fault-tolerance

  • Design for cost optimization

  • Build security into your design

  • Troubleshoot faster

  • Conduct security reviews

  • Prove and maintain compliance

  • Onboard new employees

IT professionals often use the AWS Architecture Diagram to easily see and evaluate the cloud infrastructure that supports the business or organization. There are specific logos and icons from Amazon Web Services that also are easy to identify and search, so you and your team can easily manage the system architecture. The main categories of the AWS icons are: compute icons, stage icons, database icons, and networking and content delivery icons.  

How to use this template

To create your AWS Architecture Diagram in Miro, follow the steps: 

  1. Lay out the structure: select the groups to use. 

  2. Open AWS Icon Set to add Architecture service and resource icons. 

  3. Add other steps: Does your diagram include external users or devices? Use resources to add depth or context to your diagram.

  4. Connect the steps with arrows: use the arrows to connect the steps and describe the workflow. 

If you are interested in creating other network diagrams, Miro is the perfect network diagram tool with several available shape packs and templates to suit your needs.

FAQ about AWS Architecture Diagram Template:

How do I make an AWS architecture diagram?

To make an AWS Architecture diagram in Miro is easy. You can use our AWS Architecture Diagram Template and customize it as you see fit. Once you have the diagram structure, you can start adding shapes and icons. You can find the icons under our AWS Icon Set integration.

How is AWS architected?

The AWS Architecture Diagram framework has five pillars that describe the key concepts, design principles, and best practices for designing and running workloads in the Amazon cloud. See below these 5 AWS framework principles: Operational Excellence: runs and monitors systems to deliver business value Security: protects information and systems, keeps confidentiality and integrity of data Reliability: ensures the workload performs and recovers from failures quickly Performance Efficiency: uses IT and computing resources efficiently Cost optimization: avoids unnecessary costs, controls the money

AWS Architecture Diagram Template

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