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Frequently asked questions

Building your template is the longest part of the process — once this is done, it's quick and easy to submit and should only take five to 10 minutes. After you select the board you’d like to publish, you’ll be asked to provide a few pieces of information, including the template title, relevant categories, relevant roles, template description, and a cover image/screenshot of your template.

After you submit, a copy of your board is created and sent to our team for review within two business days. Upon review, we’ll check to make sure it meets our publishing standards:

  1. It must be an actual template.
  2. It must be understandable to use and navigate with instructions and examples when necessary.
  3. All elements on your board must be unlocked.
  4. It must be in English, Spanish, or Japanese.
  5. It must follow our Community guidelines.
  6. Your Miroverse profile must be complete.

If your submission requires some more work, we’ll reach out to you with actionable suggestions to get it ready for publishing. Once it’s published, the copy of your template will be live on for users to view, like, and copy/use. If you need to make updates or changes to your template, use editing mode.

If you’d like to remove your template, reach out to

When creating a template or templatizing an existing workflow, it helps to put yourself in the shoes of the user. Answer the following questions:

  • Is the use case and purpose clear?
  • Is the template easy to follow and understand, even if it is complex?
  • Is it enjoyable to use and pleasing to work within?
It also helps to make your template aesthetically pleasing. For design tips, check out Design Boards That Dazzle.

When appropriate, consider adding a theme. People often search for templates around certain moments, such as holidays or popular content of the moment. For example, searches for Halloween-themed templates spike in October.

Pro tip: When you upload your template’s cover image in the submission form, add a screenshot that captures the most compelling and relevant part(s) of your template, quickly communicating its value.

For simple tips to create stellar templates, visit Tips for Creating Great Miroverse Boards.

Good templates can be simple, like a chart, or complex, like a workflow or workshop. They can also span any subject matter, use case, or industry — even personal uses like garden planners or seating charts.

All good templates, however, are:

  • Easy to understand and use with detailed instructions and examples
  • Easy to navigate with a well-organized structure and flow of information
  • Useful to others
  • Visually delightful

By publishing a template to Miroverse, your work is exposed to over 70M Miro users around the globe. Many Miroverse Creators find value in empowering such an expansive community by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Template Creators are not paid by Miro unless part of a written partnership or agreement. You may, however, independently monetize your work in Miro as you see fit. Many Creators have done so successfully, from writing template-centric books to building freelance consulting businesses. Publishing templates is a great way to demonstrate your business’ value and purpose.

Read about four Creators who shared how adding their work to Miroverse has opened up new opportunities.

To learn more about partnership opportunities, reach out to us at

When you publish your template, it'll automatically be featured at the top of the "New" category and in the "New" banner on the homepage. If it earns a certain number of views or copies, it may also be added to the “Popular” category.

Depending on relevance and quality, your template may also be featured on Miro’s social channels, community spaces, newsletters, events, or Miro’s Blog. If your template is featured, we’ll notify you via email for you to share across your own platforms.

Once your template is published, post a link to or cross-publish your template across your own platform(s), including social media, forums, and other publishing platforms. Tag @MiroHQ and #miroverse so our team can respond or repost from Miro’s accounts.

Some Creators host webinars about how to get the most out of their templates, especially those that are more complex. If you’re interested in hosting a webinar with us, you can apply here.

You’ll be able to see a few template usage metrics on your template, including:

  • Likes. Someone has saved your template to their profile to refer back to later and/or shared positive feedback by “liking” your template.
  • Copies. The number of times your template has been copied onto another board. Each time a person uses your template, it is counted as a copy.
  • Views. Someone has taken a closer look at your template to see if it's the right fit for them.

Comments are also a great way to dialogue with the community about how your template is being used and received and ways to improve it. You might also ask for additional feedback by sharing your template in the Miro Creator Community.

Yes! Miroverse is a safe community space to foster knowledge sharing, creativity, and mutual respect. If you identify any profiles or templates that violate our terms or community guidelines, please report them using the flag icon.