4 Creators’ stories about the value of publishing on Miroverse

This year, Miro’s community of over 1,600 Miroverse Creators contributed 1,000+ templates, building a library of 3,000+ contributions. Miroverse contributors generously share their expertise through templates, demonstrating proven workflows, frameworks, and activities built in Miro. It’s clear that Creators’ generosity provides inspiration and helps us jump-start our work — but what’s in it for them? What value do Creators get from sharing the ways they work in Miro?

In this article, four Miroverse Creators shed light on their experiences as template Creators and how sharing them within the Miro community has helped advance their personal and professional goals. Their stories serve as an inspiration for fellow innovators to consider contributing to this collaborative space, offering valuable insights and resources to drive collective growth.

Meet the creators

Tirelle Barron 

CEO of The Barron Review, a consultancy focused on creative strategy and user research and content Specialist at Meta, working on content policy, machine learning training models, and supporting labelers. His Miro experience began in design school, where it evolved from a classroom tool into a business strategy. Tirelle is also 2023’s winner of Miro’s Creator of the Year award. 

Annie MacLeod

Project Management GameBoard’s Chief Coach, an expert in integrating collaboration into project management. She utilizes Miro’s asynchronous features to coach clients effectively, having seven published templates and a nomination for best collaborator in the Miro Hall of Fame this year.

Chiara Treglia

Educational designer at the University of Technology in the Netherlands and doubling as the founder of Tini Studio—an organizational development company specializing in tailored trainings on leadership, sustainability, and inclusivity. Miro is her go-to resource for content creation in both of her roles, with a majority of her published templates stemming from Tini Studio’s initiatives. This year, she earned Miro Hall of Fame’s Social Impact award.

Indra Kusuma 

Business mentor and educator at Apple Developer Academy and a content creator focused on collaboration and teamwork in education. Amid the pandemic, his work embraced Miro as a vital collaboration tool, with Indra pioneering a pivotal Miro template for the academy. This initiative has established Miro as the primary facilitation tool for their workshops. Indra was also nominated for Miro’s Creator of the Year this year.

Harnessing templates for personal and professional growth

Below each Creator shares how they’ve translated their love of creating templates into professional gains. Each has included one of their favorite Miroverse templates as well — don’t forget to check them out for inspiration!

Tirelle Barron, CEO at The Barron Review

Tirelle operates in dual roles within creative strategy consultancy and content specialization at Meta. Initially utilizing Miro for mind-mapping his ideas, Tirelle’s skills drew interest from peers seeking assistance with their business concepts and creative ventures. This demand fueled the creation of his consulting business. As his business expanded, his engagement within Miroverse deepened, participating in Miro events and leading workshops, fostering connections with both community members and potential clients.

Publishing templates became a pivotal avenue for Tirelle to forge stronger ties within the Miro community, which drove consulting opportunities, collaborations with non-profits, and engagements with diverse businesses. He also gives credit to his templates for scaling his business and collaborations with fellow community members. 

Tirelle believes sharing knowledge accelerates innovation: “When you’re able to put your unique perspective on solving something into a template, and get it into Miroverse, it will provide value ten-fold as it makes innovation much faster.” 

Annie MacLeod, Chief Coach at Project Management GameBoard

Annie, an active member of the Miro Creator Community, initially started creating templates due to an unmet need. Not finding what she needed in existing templates, she started creating her own templates about three years ago in Miroverse’s early days. Her motive? Translating the power of proven, face-to-face workshops into the Miroverse for others to find value.

Driven by the mission to provide people with useful resources, Annie remains motivated to produce impactful, engaging project management content. When asked why someone might consider publishing their own templates, she emphasizes the supportive nature of the community, encouraging newcomers to engage in sharing without intimidation, “There’s nothing to be intimidated about. It’s a very friendly space and a community that’s all about sharing and collaboration.” Not only has she created new connections and friendships through the community, but it’s also presented professional opportunities. 

In her upcoming book, Lead then Learn: Powering Your Project Teams with Collaboration, Annie’s expertise is reflected in a series of Miro workshops and templates tailored for the book’s content. Living in a smaller town, Annie cherishes how the Creator Community has broadened her scope, connecting her with a more expansive global network. 

Chiara Treglia, Founder of Tini Studio

When her company, Tini Studio, received government grants to create workshops, Chiara saw an opportunity to craft accessible, open-source content, leading her to discover Miroverse. Chiara comes from an engineering background — an industry that has popularized and values open-source software like GitHub. Her motive centers on the ethos of “sharing is caring,”and she advocates for broad access and adaptability of her templates.

Chiara’s templates have become pivotal for her business, being her primary tool for creating and facilitating workshops. Certain templates, like her Diversity & Inclusion Workshop: the Multiverse Toolkit, took time to gain momentum but now drive organic business inquiries for Tini Studio. Despite professional gains for her own career, her motivation to contribute to Miroverse is always intended to benefit others. Additionally, she values the opportunity to learn, receive feedback, and observe how people engage with her templates as a means of continual improvement: ‘If I put it out there, I receive feedback, observe how people interact with my board, and learn what interests them.”

Indra Kusuma, Business Mentor and Educator at Apple Development Academy

Indra leverages his educator and facilitator expertise into unique, unexplored template creations. In his work as a facilitator, the templates he’s published have been essential to the success of his courses, allowing for seamless remote collaboration and teamwork. Becoming a Miroverse Creator transformed him into a core community member, engaging in discussions, building professional relationships, facilitating Miro trainings, and gaining early access to new features as a beta tester. 

His templates are not only pertinent to his professional life, but also reflect a drive to help spark creativity in others. Inspired by fellow Creators himself, Indra strongly believes in empowerment through shared knowledge. Indra’s advice for people interested in submitting a template is: “It’s not always going to be perfect; focus on the value instead. Ask yourself, ‘Is it going to be helpful to people?’ Just submit it because you can always edit and update it.” Indra actively engages in the community with a clear goal: to contribute, support others, and foster adoption of Miro.

These Creators’ shared experiences underscore the ways adding their work in Miroverse opened up new doors in their personal and professional lives. Many Miroverse Creators are motivated by the idea of empowering others through sharing knowledge. As a result, their professional lives have benefited—giving rise to the idea that if you share generously, more will come back to you. 

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