SEO Strategy EVO Guide + Example


💪 What is the SEO strategy EVO about?

This template will help you develop an SEO strategy for any website step by step. This is not a long-term strategy, it is designed for no more than 1 year. One big tip for you: The SEO strategy evo only works for well-optimized websites. You can expand your reach with SEO: promote your products or find new growth points. ❗️ Before you start using - study example of seo strategy evo.

🦹 Who's it for?

  1. For companies that have well-optimized websites for Google and other search engines

  2. For teams that are stuck in regular and routine SEO

  3. Who wants to take SEO to the next level and use a "product approach" in search engine optimization

  4. Template & example for advanced users only [Senior, Lead or Head]

🏆 What you will achieve with that seo strategy complete guide?

  1. As a result, you will get a complete understanding between your SEO team and the product team.

  2. You will be able to view all your current SEO achievements and create new points of growth

  3. You will define your ultimate goals and can incorporate them into product managers' processes and plans.

  4. You can download this SEO strategy example as a PDF or PNG file and use it in your presentation in high resolution.

  5. You will answer the question: "How to improve you seo strategy"

🏃 How to moving step by step in this seo strategy plan

1️⃣ Building SEO strategy:

  • Read the "How to use" section

  • Overview of your current and past goals

  • Check your achievements and create stickers with ideas

  • Find SEO trends and add 3 more

  • Conduct analytics and research, then generate insights

  • Try to find new growth points: maybe you have ambitions with a new product or you want to collaborate with someone

  • Do basic SEO research: it will show you how healthy your site is.

  • Take the last step and write down all your ideas and desires.

  • Create a forecast with the North Star Metric

2️⃣ Implement SEO strategy in your company:

  • Do this strategy only with your team. You don't have to do it on your own

  • Brainstorm with product managers and implement SEO strategy into their plan

✏️ Contact me if you have new product/marketing ideas in SEO strategy EVO or product approach insight - Linkedin.


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Yura Nikulin
Head of SEO@Moscow Mayor Website
Bonjour! Yura here! I drive the product approach in SEO & search and have a passion for building and developing motivated teams that believe in the product vision. I believe that SEO will revive in a new guise in the coming years and SEO specialists will become "product manager of search".
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