Marketing Alignment Workshop


Your organization and brand will meet your users first through marketing, so it's important to ensure that you are giving an accurate picture of what you're all about!

To keep everyone on the same page and make the marketing strategy and planning process smoother, we created with this quick Marketing Alignment Workshop. Start from the Golden Circle, to deeply understand the what, how, and most importantly, WHY behind everything your organization does. Then, move on to refresh on your long and short term corporate goals. Keeping your marketing team in-the-know about where your company wants to go is key to allow them to help you get there. Then, with the Golden Circle and corporate goals in mind, move on to establishing short and long-term marketing goals.

Who might use the Marketing Alignment Workshop?

  1. Relatively new organizations (start-ups etc.)

  2. Organizations experiencing a period of growth or change

  3. Marketing teams that have recently gained new members

  4. Marketing teams that are having difficulty communicating with company leadership

  5. Organizations whose goals are not widely known and might need to clarify them internally AND externally

This workshop is a quick way to get an overview of where you stand and where you're going. Give it a try to align teams, remotely or in person, so they're ready to move forward and formulate a rock-solid marketing strategy!

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