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This board is the at the heart of all my brand consultancy work. I use it for a range of different challenges from developing new brands to refining or optimising existing ones. It's a process which maps out everything you need to understand about the business, organisation, product or person your brand is meant to represent. Things like audience motives, competitor differentiation, commercial objectives and this process forces you to combine and balance all these vying forces. It then channels all that greater focus into developing principles and characteristics which can better guide everything from branding to marketing to customer experience.

Miro makes the whole process collaborative and means I can be very open about how I work and where I'm going. At the same time, the outputs can be easily shared as a nice old-fashioned PDF document for stakeholders to distribute.

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Dan Wilkinson
Founder@EVEN Creative
Hi. I'm Dan and I'm an independent multi-disciple Creative Director and brand consultant. I work with small and large businesses or agencies to solve complex creative challenges and bring better balance to brands.
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