Tone of voice workshop

Product teams come in all shapes and forms, but they often don't have a dedicated writer. Writing the text for products often happens on the fly and the result does not always support users best. This workshop is for designers, product managers, and anyone who wants to improve the way their product communicates with its users.


You will have a product that people understand and ultimately want to use. Your product will sound human and will enable your users to get to their goal smoothly. You will know when this is the case because you will test it with real people and refine it.


This workshop will save your team hours when writing because they’ll know how the product should sound in advance.


Antonia Horvath image
Antonia Horvath
Senior Product Designer@Pivotal Labs
Antonia is a senior designer who coaches teams to drive rapid innovation through software. She helps teams to validate concepts quickly and build lean products with amazing user experiences.

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