Enotejis v1.1: Enoteji-Fy Your Sticky Notes!



Do you ever feel like your notes are lacking a certain je ne sais quoi? Well, fear not, my dear office drones, enotejis are here to add some ooh la la to your Miro boards!

These charming little characters are the perfect way to inject some personality and humor into your workshops and meetigns. So, why settle for boring and mundane when you can have fun and fabulous?

Get ready to enoteji-fy your notes today!


To create your enoteji, simply choose the face, legs, and arms you want to use, and combine them to your liking.

Once you've positioned the body parts the way you want them, group them together, and then drag them over your sticky note.

Use the playground at the bottom of this template to create your first enotejis ...

Additional tips for usage:

The body parts on this template are sized to perfectly fit square sticky notes in size M. But you can simply size them to fit any sticky note or even shape. You can rotate and size the assets to make them fit perfectly with your message.

And don't forget, there are 16 different standard colors for Miro sticky notes that you can choose from to make your enoteji pop!


The hand drawn elements come from CNVS.

An easy-peasy toolkit specifically designed for those who want to make awesome Miro boards and engaging workshops through the power of visual communication.

Make your Miro boards awesome with CNVS


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