Sailboat Retro


What is this template about?

The board is divided into three main parts: (1) introduction, (2) sailboat retro and (3) action items. A sailboat retro takes the following structure:

  1. Boat represents the team.

  2. Island represents our goal.

  3. Anchor represents obstacles that have got in our way.

  4. Wind represents something that pushes us forwards.

  5. Rocks represent future risks that could have an impact on us in the near future.

What can this template help you achieve?

This template can be used by any team that wants to independently, and collectively, reflect in a structured and productive way, as well as walk away from the workshop with clear action items.

Who is it for?

Anyone! It can be adapted for any purpose. I typically use it with my design & creative team.

How can you use it?

Set up time - 5 minutes

  1. Edit the instructions and timings according to the session you will use it for (second frame). This will keep your team focused on the purpose of the session & act as a reminder for you while you facilitate the workshop.

  2. Bring everyone onto the Miro board, set a timer and get started! Let everyone add post-it notes to the sections they want.

  3. Next, go through the sections, write and allocate action items that you can refer to later.

Hope you enjoy this template!


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