Product-focused hack-day


This hack-day template is for software teams that want to approach tough product challenges with a fresh perspective.

Anyone can run it - designers, product managers, even engineers. It will help your team to step away from business as usual and come up with unconventional ideas.

Think of a product-focused hack-day as a mix of a design sprint and a technical spike, run in one day. It will be crazy, and a ton of fun.

It helps team bonding and fosters collaboration. A hack-day has the potential to create something really powerful. Outcomes can be prototypes in real code that you can test with users. The template contains a sample agenda and frames for homework, a design studio, and two feedback boards.

This accompanying article on Medium will help you to run it.


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Antonia Horvath
Delivery Lead & Design Manager@VMware Tanzu Labs
A delivery lead & design manager, facilitator and problem-solver who enables organisations to innovate through digital products with amazing user experiences - in a lean & agile way.
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