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Miro supports the entire research cycle seamlessly, culminating in efficient research synthesis. Use our robust integrations to bring insights from multiple tools together in a single workspace or start from scratch using Miro Assist.

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Build stronger products through continuous discovery

Consolidate and contextualize data and UX insights from multiple tools in a single workspace, through integrations with leading research platforms and BI systems. Keep stakeholders in the loop throughout the process and share actionable insights with the org.


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Consolidate insights in a single workspace

Contextualize data and UX insights from multiple tools on a single board, through integrations with leading research platforms like UserTesting and Typeform, and BI systems like Amplitude. Bring parts of research from each platform to create a single story.

Connect insights to each other

Find connection points and work on top of the data as a team. Align on which elements to include using anonymous voting and discuss findings from multiple stakeholders using clustering. Make data-driven decisions using insights from multiple sources.

Create synthesis seamlessly

Leverage the power of AI to move quickly through analysis. Synthesize large amounts of data across multiple teams, themes, and sources using Miro Assist with sticky note summarization and sentiment analysis to speed up decision-making.

Collaborate as a single unit

Teams can collaborate across complex research projects, enabling stakeholders and decision-makers to provide input throughout the entire process. Leave comments, stickers, sticky notes, and written feedback with reminders delivered directly to everyone’s inbox.

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Organize user interview notes and craft insights that stick.

Replicate a face-to-face observation workshop.

Debrief and synthesize after user research sessions with your team.

Create alignment with stakeholders early in your research journey.

Tips on how to run research synthesis



Prep your sources

Decide on the sources of information to include in your synthesis


Use a ready-made template

Select from multiple templates on Miro to help you get a head start.


Gather feedback

Ensure all stakeholders share their feedback on a single Miro board.


Leverage AI

Speed up the synthesizing process by using AI-powered summaries and support.


Integrated with your favorite tools

Ideas, inspiration, and intel in full view. Visualize marketing campaigns and client and prospect info to take action, and track tasks and status updates for the team.

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Research synthesis methods can vary depending on the field of study, the nature of the research question, and the available data. Approaches like systematic reviews, meta-analyses, narrative syntheses, and qualitative syntheses each have their own nuances and techniques. The phases outlined above provide a general framework for conducting research synthesis, but the specific steps may be adapted to fit the method you choose to employ.

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