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An easy-to-use block diagram maker

Block diagrams help you visualize systems, creating a common understanding for development teams. Get started in seconds with our free block diagram maker, and get everyone on the same page in minutes.

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More than just an online block diagram creator

Diagram your connections, model objects, and visualize your system complexity with a block diagram online. Invite your team to work with you directly on your board and plan out new systems or quickly iterate on existing ones.

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Why Miro’s block diagram maker stands out

Quickly visualize interactions

Easily model complex systems and visualize interactions in one shared space. Miro’s block diagram creator allows you to diagram workflows, software development, hardware design, or any other non-technical algorithm with just a few clicks.

Communicate your vision

Easily represent your block diagram components using our extensive diagramming shape library, and seamlessly collaborate. Tag team members in comments to keep everyone in the loop on conversations that matter.

Reduce complexity

Visualize entire systems using Miro’s block diagram maker — no matter how complex. Use our infinite canvas to illustrate your block diagram in detail and visually communicate technical flows to everyone, even to non-technical stakeholders.

Iterate and innovate

Miro’s block diagram maker helps you zoom out, allowing you to see entire systems at a glance, all in one board. Turn the infinite canvas into an exploration field and create the conditions for creative solutions.

Break down silos

Improve cross-functional collaboration by inviting other teams to access your board. Miro’s visual workspace makes capturing and organizing ideas easy with comments, sticky notes, and video.

Share it

Share your board with the whole team with just a few clicks, or download your block diagram as an image or PDF file. Quickly circulate your block diagram so stakeholders can weigh in and move projects forward.

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How to create a block diagram online

An image showing how to create a block diagram online in Miro's block diagram maker


Start a new Miro board

Head to the toolbar on your Miro board and click on “Templates” to open our free Block Diagram Template.


Populate the template

Identify the input, output, process blocks, and interactions. Add names to each component and use connection lines to represent flows.


Add labels

Label arrows to identify important processes. If you used multiple types of connection lines, add a legend to easily differentiate between them.


Make it yours

Color-code your block diagram to identify stages and processes. Drag and drop any icons you need. Resize and frame your block diagram to fit your presentation or working board.

An image showing how to create a block diagram online in Miro's block diagram maker

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Block diagram maker FAQs

Use our free and customizable Block Diagram Template to start diagramming, or browse our community templates to leverage your knowledge and get inspired.

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