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Draw entire systems with an intuitive UML diagram tool

Visualize, build, and document software systems and processes with a UML diagram. Design and communicate technical plans with a unified language that everyone understands.

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Design iteratively

Turn sketches into detailed UML diagrams at the exact pace solutions are validated and refined. Visually communicate development plans and mitigate misalignment across your organization.

Draw new systems

Craft technical diagrams faster with Miro’s complete UML shape packs. Use the comments feature to receive instant feedback, save time when diagramming, and co-create a standardized way to build and document your systems processes with your team.

Expand your diagramming capabilities

Miro’s UML diagram tool makes it easy to research, outline, and deliver your technical plans with intuitive diagramming functions — from industry-recognized UML shape packs to easy object insertion and smart drawing features.

Why Miro is your best UML diagram maker

Shape your ideas

When facilitating discussions about technical plans, foster conditions for innovative solutions. When everyone’s voice is heard, new and surprising ideas might emerge. Bring agility to your iteration sessions with integrations such as Jira, Airtable, Coda, and more.

Have a starting point for improvements

Draw a UML diagram from existing code to help your team understand the underlying issues. Regardless of your coding language, UML diagrams allow you to communicate ideas and solve the most pressing problems before you even write new code.

Maximize collaboration

Easily test and review your system architecture with technical stakeholders using Miro’s UML diagram tool. Understand the problem immediately and start sketching solutions on your UML diagram. Quickly adapt and respond to changes as you design your development roadmap.

Work iteratively with a range of UML diagrams

Miro lets you collaborate in real time, so teams can come together and share ideas in one collaborative space. Avoid the delays and errors that usually happen when working on UML diagrams individually, and achieve faster development times and better outcomes.

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Visualize processes, development, and behavior with a unified language.

Understand the order in which the events within a sequence interact with each other.

Plan object-oriented systems in a joint workspace that fosters collaboration and innovation using a UML class diagram.

Plan, analyze, and optimize activities by breaking them into subprocesses and constituent decisions with our Activity Diagram template.

Plan, draw, and share an object-oriented system’s elements and components using our Component Diagram Template.

Visualize the workflow of a process and how objects perform actions.

More than just a UML diagram creator

Miro’s visual collaborative platform expands the way you work and gives you infinite possibilities for diagramming, planning, and designing your technical plans.


Miro’s all-in-one diagram maker removes the hassle of switching between diagramming and collaboration tools while helping you check off all the essential steps of your diagramming process.

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UML Class Diagram

Quickly understand the multiplicity of your system with Miro’s UML class diagram tool. Help your team visualize dependencies, objects relationships, classes, and attributes — all in one tool.

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UML Sequence Diagram

Map out systems and interactions between different actors using Miro’s sequence diagram tool. Picture success cases, troubleshoot issues, and understand events as they happen within a system.

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UML Component Diagram

Unlike any other UML diagram, the component diagram helps you imagine the physical components of your system and how they are connected. Use this tool to plan development and visualize how complex systems are wired.

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UML Communication Diagram

Draw complex logic chains and build a complete map of your systems with Miro’s UML communication diagram. See the big picture and enable your team to plan new functions and scenarios, all in one tool.

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UML State Machine Diagram

Easily document, visualize, and refine your technical designs with Miro’s UML state machine diagram tool. Understand objects' actions at different stages, changes over time, and implement ideas more efficiently.

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UML Activity Diagram

Depict workflows and break them into bite-sized activities to better understand your system and programs flow. Miro’s UML activity diagram tool allows you to convey information concisely and clearly to everyone, from developers to business managers.

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How to make a UML diagram with Miro


Choose the ready-made template

Click on the left toolbar and choose the UML Diagram Template.


Add shapes

Select the shape tool and click All shapes. The Diagramming panel will open for you on the left-hand side.


Build your diagram

Drag-and-drop shapes, link them with connector lines, and label steps and flows in your UML diagram.

UML Diagram tool FAQs

Which tool is used for UML diagrams?

There are many UML diagram tools available, and you just need to find the one that caters to your needs. You can create a diagram online and try Miro for free. You can also sign-up for an account to try out advanced diagramming capabilities that allow you to sketch, build, and document UML diagrams on an infinite whiteboard that is easy to share and edit. Together with your team, in real-time or async, you can finally get rid of complex workflows and improve how you diagram solutions for your systems and engineering networks. Give it a try and start diagramming today.

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What are UML diagrams, and how can you use them?

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