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Map system behaviors with a state diagram tool

Easily document, visualize, and refine your technical designs with Miro’s state diagram maker. Understand objects' actions at different stages, changes over time, and implement ideas more efficiently.

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Simplify systems with a state diagram maker

Map and analyze the behavioral flow of your system with a UML state machine diagram online. Guide your team through a workflow or process and quickly identify bottlenecks, moving faster toward solutions.

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Why Miro is the best state diagram creator

Intuitive diagramming

Creating a state machine diagram online has never been easier. Drag and drop symbols, get access to our UML shape pack, and customize the look and feel. Work even faster by using one of our many customizable UML templates.

One source of truth

Build your state machine diagram alongside important documents, images, and other artifacts — all in one infinite canvas. Do even more with less when you sync with one of Miro’s 130+ app integrations, including Jira and Notion.

PlantUML and Mermaid app integrations

Create your UML state machine diagram using our online Mermaid and PlantUML editors — built right into Miro. Not a Markdown expert? Choose from plenty of sample diagrams to get you started and simply edit the code.

Bring your team together

Collaborate on your state machine diagram together online, run smooth feedback cycles, and host interactive presentations straight from your Miro board — whether your team works in real time or async.

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How to create a state machine diagram online with Miro

An image showing how to create a UML state machine diagram online using Miro


Select the template

Choose the UML State Machine Diagram Template.


Add shapes and symbols

Browse through our diagramming shapes library.


Connect the shapes

Start connecting the shapes with connector lines to map your system.


Add labels

Give context by naming processes and activities.

An image showing how to create a UML state machine diagram online using Miro

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State diagram maker FAQs

Use a state machine diagram to improve communication between teams so they understand system behaviors and can design and test more efficiently. Miro’s UML state machine diagram tool helps you to design diagrams quickly with a variety of ready-made templates and robust diagramming capabilities.

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