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An intuitive data flow diagram tool

Map data flows and model processes with Miro’s automated data flow diagram tool. Streamline workflows, gain insights, and lead development teams more efficiently.

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A data flow diagram tool for development teams

Miro’s data flow visualization helps you understand inputs, outputs, and processes in a system, giving you an overview of all components right on the board. Track information efficiently and find growth opportunities with a data flow diagram online.

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Why Miro is the best tool for diagramming

Use industry-standard shapes pack

Miro’s extensive diagramming capabilities allow you to diagram faster. Use the industry-standard shapes pack to create your data flow diagram and bring a common understanding to teams.

Optimize processes at ease

Get a bird’s eye view of your entire data flow with Miro’s data flow tool. Identify the bottlenecks faster and iterate quickly on process steps that need change.

Explore powerful integrations

Save time and effort by using all your favorite tools with Miro’s data flow maker. Turn comments into Jira Cards, embed your data flow diagram in Confluence or Asana, and say goodbye to context switching.

Visualize complete data flows

Our infinite canvas gives you the space to expand your work, literally. Add any other artifact, diagram, or information to your data flow diagram that helps you bring clarity to teams. The board is limitless.

Better collaborate

Invite your entire crew to work together with you on the board. Use tagging and comment features to give and receive feedback in real time or async. Miro’s extensive collaborative features help you bring your team together and keep everyone up to date.

Share your ideas

Export your board as an image or PDF in seconds and add it to other Miro boards and presentations.

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How to create a data flow diagram with Miro

An image showing how to use Miro's data flow diagram tool


Map your system or process

Make sure you use our diagramming shapes library to represent each component with the right shape.


Add external entities, processes, and data stores

Connect each component with connector lines showing the data flow.


Quickly make edits

Click on the shapes to edit colors, fonts, and any other graphic elements of your data flow diagram.


Share your work with others

Invite them to join you on the board or download your data flow diagram as an image or PDF.

An image showing how to use Miro's data flow diagram tool

Integrated with your favorite tools

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Data flow diagram tool FAQs

There are many tools you can use to create a data flow diagram, and it’s important to evaluate these against your needs. Miro’s data flow diagram tool allows you to quickly diagram your systems with automated diagramming features, use industry-standard shapes pack, and fully customize your data flow diagram according to your needs. Try for yourself and see if it works for you.

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