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Power Obeya collaboration with Miro

Bring teams closer together and execute faster in a hybrid, collaborative Obeya room


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Speed up the decision making cycle with powerful, digital tools

Recreate the feeling of togetherness in a digital environment, boost engagement and run effective brainstorms with facilitator tools.


Ensure equal participation and visibility into results

Give teammates a shared space to collaborate, allow stakeholders to review and provide feedback, and document project resources and outcomes.


Build a centralized space for discussion & decisions

Bring insights, tasks, and business intelligence data into a single workspace to visualize the big picture and discuss ideas. Manage collaboration with powerful facilitator tools.


Powerful hybrid collaboration with Miro

Streamlined communication

Align around critical project resources and performance insights

Real-time updates

Manage stakeholders and provide visibility into progress and process

Hybrid participation

Allow everyone to contribute equally, regardless of location or device

Powerful tools

Leverage digital collaboration tools to make decisions and execute quickly

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Say goodbye to bottlenecks and map out any process with ease.

Manage workflows, optimize processes, and improve your team’s efficiency.

Visualize the potential root causes of a problem and solve it collaboratively.

Design the best experience from your customer’s point of view.

Bring all your tools into a single space to collaborate with context

Unite 100s of your favorite tools in Miro to connect your ideas and workflows into one shared, interactive workspace.

How to power Obeya collaboration in Miro



Set up your workspace

Miro works across devices to help you get together regardless of location


Leverage facilitator tools

Take advantage of voter, timer and Talktrack to manage the attention of participants and make decisions


Create a live document of your session

Bring together context from docs, tasks, and brainstorms in Miro for future collaboration


We have answers to your questions

Set up a digital Obeya room on a Miro board with dynamic templates tailored to your team activities from the Agile Walls app: https://miro.com/marketplace/agilewalls/.

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