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iPhone App Template

Create lo-fi mockups of your iPhone app experience.

About the iPhone App Template

Every day, millions of iPhone users around the world use iOS apps to enhance their lives. But designing and creating an iPhone app can be a cumbersome process. Use iOS app templates to accelerate your workflow and make stunning apps that users love. 

Keep reading to learn more about our iPhone App Template.

What is an iPhone app

Over a hundred million people use iPhones in the United States alone. That accounts for nearly half of all adult cell phone users in the country. Apple’s sleek design, user-friendly approach, and delightful operating system have captured customers’ hearts and loyalty across the world.

And for many users, the wide variety of iPhone apps available to Apple customers is a huge draw. Customers use iPhone apps to enhance their daily lives. Whether you’re working out, eating, traveling, scheduling a doctor appointment, or getting work done, there’s an app for that.

Creating an iPhone app from scratch can be a daunting project. The iPhone app template helps accelerate your workflow. Easily customize your designs, create interactive protocols, share with your collaborators, and iterate as a team. Use the template whenever you want to create an app that users love.

Create your own iPhone App Template

Designing iPhone apps is easy, using Miro’s iPhone App Template. Get started by selecting the iPhone App Template, then take the following steps to make one of your own.

  1. Make a mock-up of your app. 

  2. You’ve already done the research and know the goal for your app, and the audience you want to reach. Now, it’s time to visualize it. Start by opening the template and getting acclimated to customizing it for your brand.

  3. Add your own shapes, colors, text, and images. 

  4. Every piece of this template is editable. You can 

  5. Share with your team.

  6. Share with collaborators or present to stakeholders. It’s easy to present your design by clicking “presentation mode.”

iPhone App Template

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