V2MOM Workshop


Create strategic company alignment with Salesforce’s V2MOM collaborative goal setting  workshop template. 

About V2MOMs

The V2MOM has been used to guide every decision at Salesforce. The V2MOM enables teams to define and clearly communicate what they are doing, and why. It is based of these five elements:

  1. Vision What do you want to achieve?

  2. Values What’s important to you?

  3. Methods How do you get it?

  4. Obstacles What is preventing you from being successful?

  5. Measures How do you know you have it?

It is important to ensure alignment in the way various teams or individuals in the organization answer these questions. 

How to run a V2MOM workshop

This template is intended for mid-size groups and can be run for an entire organization, or on a team level. 

Before the session begins

The facilitator needs to prepare breakout rooms in advance as some of the activities will be done in smaller groups. Make sure to prepare the board & add the highlighted information. It is also helpful to add additional context from the past goal or visitation setting workshops. 

Introduction & setting the context

Kickoff the session by a quick introduction to the tools and an overview of the V2MOM framework.

Vision & Values activity

Headlines of the Future activity would help your team to warm up and start thinking about company Vision and Values. If the team already has a Vision statement and company or team Values, use this as an opportunity to share feedback and include ideas from the group for a future iteration. You can also start drafting the Vision and Values statements as a group during the session.  

Brainstorming Methods & Measures

What steps would you need to take to achieve your goals and how will you know when you are successful? In this section you will encourage the team to think about all the actions and steps that need to be taken in order to bring the Vision statement to life. Brainstorm tasks, projects and metrics that will determine what success looks like.

Flagging the Obstacles

Spend some time at the end of the session to brainstorm any red flags that might hinder your way to success. What challenges and issues does the team need to address?

Feedback session

Close the workshop with a Q&A and feedback session.

After the workshop

Download the Vision and Value statement frames to share them with everyone after the session, and make sure all Methods & Measures are being tracked. We think of the V2MOM as a living and breathing document. It evolves as the company goes through various stages, and your V2MOMs should stay updated as progress towards the goals is made.


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