Platform as a Product Workshop



In the Cloud Native ecosystem, the high-performing Teams deliver value to their customers faster utilizing the best digital platforms have to offer.

Platforms need to stay relevant to help Teams optimize their flow. Treating Platform as a Product is one of the ways to help platforms evolve at a sustainable pace as the needs of their customers and users change and expand.


Participants have a shared understanding of the benefits of treating the platform as a product, and what next steps we might want to take.

Participants know where to go to ask for further information

Participants are interested to get more knowledge because the workshop opened up so many new ideas and horizons for them


Product managers and product owners responsible for platform/s and or value streams

Platform developers, SREs, platform team/s

Product developers (platform users) as required

Other stakeholders as best fit your context.


We believe in building on the shoulders of the giants so some of the ideas in this workshop were inspired by the following concepts:

Team Topologies

Lean Inception

Design Thinking


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