Stakeholder RACI Map


A Stakeholder RACI map is our mash-up of a traditional responsibilities chart, and a stakeholder map often used in service design.

While this template is not intended to help you be exhaustive in defining responsibilities, it should help you get a quick start on identifying and involving the right people in the right ways from the beginning of your project - or help you realign a project that has already begun.

How to use the template

People: 1-3+ people (dependent upon people knowledge)

Length: 30+ minutes or less


  1. Identify key cross-functional stakeholders and teams (or switch out "Team" with "Deliverable Name" instead)

  2. Place each of them across the map dependent upon their level of responsibility and involvement in the project

  3. Use markers to identify important aspects about people

  4. Share out with teams to ensure alignment


  • Ask for help - partner with someone in your company or on your team that knows who's who to work with

  • Look out for too many people in the same RACI group with not much representation in others, or the same people across many different groups as they could become a bottle-neck

  • This map should have strong cross-functional representation - if it doesn't, you could be faced with some pretty big knowledge gaps


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