Discovery Flow


The Discovery Flow is a framework designed to explore and prioritize promising ideas and uncover new opportunities for innovation. This is done by mapping out relevant stakeholders including their impact, pains and needs. We then uncover new opportunities by matching emerging trends with existing product and organizational knowledge. Lastly, all participants rank the most attractive opportunities according to a chosen set of criteria.

Step 1 - CONTEXT: Start off by establishing the context. Together with your participants, discuss who the involved people or organizational entities are. Try to map their impact and think how they relate to each other.

Step 2 - DISCOVERY: This is a really fun part! These exercises will help you name and structure already observed pains and needs, but also uncover and map out new opportunities, by matching emerging trends with existing product and organizational knowledge.

Step 3 - IDEA COLLECTION: After ideating around possible opportunities for innovation in the previous section, ask the participants to select and label the most attractive ones. The outcome is a collection of promising ideas, ranked according to a set of criteria that matter most to you.

Step 4 - OUTRO: Finally, wrap up by agreeing on next steps and responsibilities and a short feedback round about the workshop itself.


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