The Concept Card


The Concept Card helps to translate ideas into a concept that can be taken forward to prototyping.

  • Step 1: Define the target persona — Think about and specify who you are helping with your idea and why. Write down a persona and a need to be addressed through your concept.

  • Step 2: Select your big ideas — Now that the personas and needs are fresh on your mind, select the top 3-5 ideas from your previous brainstorming session.

  • Step 3: Visualize your solution — This is the core of the concept. What is the engaging service you offer to solve the customer’s problem? A drawing or a storyboard sketch will help you pitch or explain your concept to others.

  • Step 4: Formulate the benefit — Now that the persona, the need, and the solution in storyboard format are defined, participants should articulate the value proposition. I.e. what benefit do the target personas gain by using your product / service.

  • Step 5: Identify the revenue stream / business model — How to make money with our concept is what we’re tackling in this step. What are the first revenue model ideas you have come up with?


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