The Idea Napkin


The story behind the Idea Napkin

Most ideation methods (e.g. Crazy Eights) encourage a vast variety as well as diverging quality of ideas. Comparing and choosing between those differently developed ideas can be difficult since some are already very detailed whilst others lack key information. To make the comparison between ideas more "fair" and later decisions better informed, we developed a Miro template that can be used collaboratively during ideation sessions.

What is the Idea Napkin?

The Idea Napkin is an easy-to-use framework that allows participants of ideation sessions to enrich and enhance their ideas by applying a structured approach that allows for better assessment and comparison of ideas.

How to use it

  • Title: Give your idea a catchy title that attracts attention.

  • Elevator pitch: Add an elevator pitch to your napkin. An elevator pitch contains the essence of your idea. It's purpose is to get people excited and to lure them into reading the full description of your idea.

  • Target group: Add the group of users that your idea is addressing.

  • Problem: Each idea should solve a specific user problem. Write down which pain points your idea solves.

  • Solution: Add more detail to your idea by describing what it is, how it works and where and when it can be used by your target group.

  • Benefits: Finish your Idea Napkin by noting down how you, your company or your clients will benefit from your solution.

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