The Insight Canvas


The story behind the Insight Canvas

Conducting qualitative user research is an essential part in the development of digital products and services. Whilst other phases of this process (e.g. ideation) are equipped with a variety of useful methods and tools, we always missed an easy-to-use approach that allowed us to quickly document research insights. So, we developed our own: The Insight Canvas.

What is the Insight Canvas?

The Insight Canvas allows product teams to download, structure, and consolidate insights that were gathered through user research (e.g user interviews).

How to use it

For each of your research participants, add one Insights Canvas into your Miro board.

  • Name: Add name and function of the participant.

  • Participant's details: Add details that describe the participant's character and background. Doing so will help you during later stages of your project when you need to revisit gathered insights.

  • Contact details: To be able to address further questions, it is wise to document a participant's contact details.

  • Research situation: Describe the situation by adding details on the method and tools that were used. Adding the researchers names and a date will further help you to put the obtained results into context.

  • Insights, observations and quotes: The main part of the canvas is dedicated to insights, observations and quotes that you gathered during the conduct of your research with this specific participant. Capture every bit of information that might be relevant and arrange them in topics by using Miro's tag function.

  • Pains: Document obstacles, pain points and general concerns that participants mention in regard to your research topic (e.g. your product)?

  • Gains: What is encouraging and helping the participant in the light of your research topic?

  • Needs: Document what participant's really need in order to solve certain pain points. This is an important starting point for later ideation sessions.

  • Key insights: Key insights are the elixir of your research with this specific participants. Key insights should be actionable, so that they enable you to progress into developing solutions.


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Nono Weinzierl
Product Expert – UX & Research@Orbit
ORBIT is an impact-focused hub of digital experts in Hamburg: Driven, dedicated and a wild set of disciplines. We combine the very strategic approach of deeply investigating digital business potentials, with a strong focus on interdisciplinary, lean and agile product development.
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