Effective Meetings


The best Zoom meetings are engaging in the moment, and actionable afterwards. Whether your next Zoom meeting is for two or two hundred people, bring the Meet in Zoom template along to bring structure and interactivity to every meeting. 

Focus on the 3A’s of effective meetings to make sure larger, ad hoc, and scheduled meetings are a productive use of everyone’s time: Have an Agenda, have Attendees know their roles, and document Action Items.

Customize your template with icebreakers, collaborative activities, and notes that you need that day to save time on meeting prep, drive engagement during the meeting, and keep a record of the meeting for the team after-the-fact.

Pro tip: Use the Miro app for Zoom to bring your Meet in Zoom template directly into your next team meeting in Zoom. 

How to customize your Zoom meeting template

  1. Look alive: Bring life to the meeting with an icebreaker of your choosing. Use the pre-populated feelings check-in, or choose another icebreaker from Miro’s template picker. 

  2. Set the context: Drop in relevant documents, diagram key concepts, embed visuals, and more into the presentation frames so meeting participants can have information for the meeting in one place.

  3. Work together: Collect ideas, solicit feedback, and work together with meeting participants on the board. Choose a collaborative activity from the Miro template picker, or design your own.

  4. Wrap up: Use the end of the meeting to collect thoughts and next steps through a formal reflective process like a retrospective or meeting summary, or use sticky notes to document takeaways.


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