AJ&Smart's Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ) Workshop


Why use a Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ)?

Creative problem solving and clear decision-making is what separates good designers and managers from the best. The problem with anything that requires creative & critical thinking, however, is that it’s easy, lose focus and fall into the trap of having, open-ended, unstructured discussions (ugh!). Projects stall, teams lose momentum, and everything goes over-budget.

But don’t despair! There’s a solution to the plague of unstructured discussions – the Lightning Decision Jam (or LDJ as we like to call it). It’s a super-powerful exercise to solve any problem by replacing open discussion with a clear process.

We’ve created this board to guide you through all the steps of the LDJ process (it’s fast and efficient). Give it a try, and we guarantee your meeting will never be the same!

What to use this exercise for:

It’s always good to frame an LDJ session with a broad topic, here are some examples:

  • The conversion flow of our checkout

  • Our internal design process

  • How we organise events

  • Keeping up with our competition

  • Improving sales flow

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