Eisenhower Matrix

Eisenhower Matrix Template

Decide which tasks you should do first, which you can delegate, and which are optional by using the Eisenhower Matrix. Prioritize tasks based on urgency or delegate like a pro (or like a President).

About the Eisenhower Matrix Template

We’ve all been there: you sit down to start your day, and you’re so overwhelmed by the tasks you need to complete that you don’t know where to start. Emails pile up, you have errands to run... How do you sort through the chaos? Meet, the Eisenhower matrix, a decision-making framework designed by former American president Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The Eisenhower matrix helps you prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance. Instead of struggling to figure out in what order you should complete your tasks, decide which ones are urgent, which can be delegated, and which are optional.

How to use the Eisenhower matrix template

Making your own Eisenhower matrix is easy with Miro's template. You can easily visualize tasks in each quadrant of the matrix, adding images, videos, or documents to keep track of everything in one place. For a dynamic overview, you can even integrate Jira cards as action items to keep track of the current status of any task.

Here's a step-by-step guide to using the Eisenhower matrix template effectively:

Step 1: Fill in the "Do First" quadrant

The tasks in the upper left quadrant are the most important. They need to be done today. For example, answer an urgent email from your boss, or make a doctor’s appointment.

Step 2: Fill in the "Schedule" quadrant

Tasks in the upper right quadrant are important, but not pressing. These are things you can schedule for the future and that you need to put in your calendar. Catching up with a friend or meeting with your coworker about a non-urgent topic can fall into this category. The bulk of your tasks should fall into this quadrant.

Step 3: Fill in the "Delegate" quadrant

The lower left quadrant is for tasks that are not as important as the urgent tasks, but should still get done promptly. Make sure to follow up on delegated tasks, to ensure they were executed properly. If someone calls you into a meeting, for example, you could delegate the task by asking a teammate to take the meeting instead.

Step 4: Complete the "Don’t Do" quadrant

The lower right quadrant is for tasks you don’t need to do at all. Think about the tasks that allow you to procrastinate and keep you from getting things done. Things like scrolling through social media might fall into this category.

Step 5: Reassess your matrix and keep it up-to-date

Iterate on your matrix as needed. Your priorities might change during the day or as other tasks come up, so use the template to quickly add, move, or change tasks as your schedule evolves.

FAQ about the Eisenhower Matrix template
Eisenhower Matrix Template

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