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BCG Matrix Template

Analyze ways to spur business growth and capture market share.

About the BCG Matrix template

What is a BCG matrix?

Created by the Boston Consulting Group, the BCG matrix (also known as the Boston matrix or growth-share matrix) is a strategic planning tool for analyzing a product’s potential to spur business growth and capture market share. The matrix lets businesses gain insights on which products can help them capitalize on market share growth opportunities.

4 elements of a BCG matrix

If you are working with a product portfolio, a BCG growth-share matrix can give you a quick overview of how products are performing and help you build a basis for further analysis. To use the chart, analysts plot a scatter graph to rank business units (or products) according to their relative market shares and growth rates.

1. Cash cows 

These are products or business units with a high market share in a slow-growing industry. These units typically generate cash in excess of the amount needed to maintain the business.

2. Dogs

Dogs  are units with low market share in a mature, low growth industry. These units typically "break even," generating barely enough cash to maintain the business's market share. Many investors choose to sell off dogs.

3. Question marks

Also called problem children, question marks operate in a high growth market, yet maintain low market share. They could potentially gain market share and become stars, and then become cash cows. Question marks should be analyzed carefully to determine whether they are worth the investment required to grow market share.

4. Stars 

Stars are units with a high market share in a fast-growing industry. They are graduated question marks with a market- or niche-leading trajectory (i.e. iPhones or iPads when they appeared on the market).

When to use a BCG matrix

Your organization can find a BCG matrix useful in a number of areas: marketing, project management, and strategic management. The matrix can also be used for business portfolio analysis.

  1. The BCG matrix helps you increase investment in a product to capture additional market share.

  2. Building a BCG matrix allows you to determine whether you should pause investment on a product. 

  3. Creating a BCG matrix helps you maximize cash flow from a product.

Create your own BCG matrix

Miro’s whiteboard tool is the perfect canvas to create and share your BCG matrix. Get started by selecting this BCG Matrix template. The simple template allows you to collaborate on portfolio analysis in real-time and takes only a minute to set up. A completed matrix can be used to assess the strength of your organization and its product portfolio.

FAQs about BCG matrix

What are the four quadrants of the BCG matrix?

The four quadrants of a BCG matrix are: cash cows (high market share, slow growth), dogs (low market share, low growth), question marks (high market share, low growth), and stars (high market share, high growth).

How do you use the BCG matrix model?

The BCG matrix model is used to assess the quality of investments in a business portfolio and their potential for future profitability. A BCG matrix is useful because it assesses the external environment, and is best paired with other forms of internal analysis that assess the quality and state of the investments themselves.

BCG Matrix Template

BCG Matrix Template

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