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Customer Problem Statement Template

Focus your team’s attention on a customer’s experience.

Use a customer problem statement to ensure your team is addressing a real customer need or problem at each stage of a project.

About the Customer Problem Statement template

What is a Customer Problem Statement?

A Customer Problem Statement clearly elaborates on the problem that your product or service solves for your customers. The statement is meant to help you understand the experience you are attempting to transform, or the space you are attempting to enter, by building your new product or service. A well-articulated Customer Problem statement is important because it helps you and your team wrap your heads around the problem you’re solving and empathize with potential customers. If you don’t have a good idea of the problem before you start building, you might find yourself solving the problem incorrectly, or solving a different one entirely.

How do you create a Customer Problem Statement?

To create a Customer Problem Statement, be sure to describe the customer’s current conditions and situation. Consider how they feel, how they’re being impacted financially or in other ways, and any other important details about their thoughts or feelings.

Why use the Customer Problem Statement approach?

When you use the Customer Problem Statement, you’re thinking about your customer’s thoughts and feelings, which increases your likelihood of creating something they will find valuable. Additionally, problem statements help teams align their efforts around a common goal, clearly define what that goal is, and feel invested in achieving it.

Tips for creating a Customer Problem Statement

  • Don’t mention your product or service in the statement itself. You’re focusing on the problem, not the solution.

  • Articulate the status quo. Remember, that’s what you’re trying to disrupt.

  • Think about limitations your potential customers may have.

  • Target a specific group with whom you can build empathy.

  • Provide measurable outcomes. This makes it easier to come up with metrics you can use to track your progress.

Example of a poorly-written Customer Problem Statement

“Customers need this product because it would allow them to access their textbooks on their phone.”

This statement is poorly-written because it mentions your product and does not elaborate on a challenge that your customers are facing. While it tells you why your product is convenient, it does not situate your product as a disruption to the status quo.

Example of a well-written Customer Problem Statement

“Customers find it cumbersome to carry their textbooks around and risk forgetting their textbooks when they need to bring them to class.”

By contrast, this statement is well-written. It does not mention your product or service. Instead, it hones in on a challenge that your customers are facing and elaborates the problem. 

Customer Problem Statement Template

Customer Problem Statement Template

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