UML Diagram Template

Visualize processes and software system structures.

About the UML Diagram template

What is a UML diagram?

UML stands for Unified Modeling Language, and was originally used mainly as a modeling language in software engineering. Now it has become a more widely used approach to application structures, and modeling and documenting software. It can also be used to model business processes and workflows. 

Advantages of using a UML diagram

Like flowcharts, UML diagrams can provide your organization with a standardized method of mapping out step-by-step processes. They allow your team to easily view the relationships between systems and tasks.

When to use a UML diagram

UML diagrams are used to model software development by helping design and analyze software and guide development and team prioritization. They have become a popular way to model business processes or workflows. UML diagrams are an effective tool that can help you bring new employees up to speed, create documentation, organize your workplace and team, and streamline your projects.

Build your own UML diagram

When using the UML Diagram Template, start by choosing your target audience. For example, executives are probably only interested in the big picture, while developers need as much detail as possible. Try to keep descriptions as short and succinct as possible. First arrange all diagram elements on the page and then draw the relationship lines. Use notes or colors to draw attention to important features.

Miro’s whiteboard tool is the perfect canvas to create and share your UML diagram. Get started now!

Easy to use

Easy to use

Save time by using our premade UML Diagram template instead of creating your own from scratch. Get started by signing up for free to update it with your own information.

Built-in collaboration

Built-in collaboration

Invite your team members to collaborate on your new UML diagram. Miro enables you to engage co-located and remote teams on a virtual whiteboard, without constraints.

Seamless sharing

Seamless sharing

Need to share your UML Diagram template with others? Miro has multiple exporting options, like saving to PDF.

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