Risk assessment matrix template

Identify and prioritize risks based on their probability and severity.

A Risk Matrix is a management tool that lets you magnify the visibility of possible risks in order to help you with your decision-making. By outlining the likelihood and severity of different risks, teams can prepare for the future and plan accordingly.

A risk matrix template will help you rank and map potential risks easily. Risk matrices make risk assessment easy and more inclusive of other team members. Whether you're risk rating, setting priority risks, giving risk scores, or performing general risk management,  you can stay organized using Miro's risk matrix template.

About the Risk Matrix template

How do you use the Risk Matrix template?

The Risk Matrix is comprised of a series of sticky notes in a grid set across two axes: probability—which goes from rare to very likely—and impact, which goes from trivial to extreme. You can outline various risks (which can be color-coded depending on the type of risk or who would be affected by it) and then place them on the grid to promote robust discussions, facilitate workshops, or present risk data in a visual chart.

What if you already have a Risk Matrix in another format and you want to digitize it?

If you already have a Risk Matrix in your spreadsheets or Excel, just copy and paste it on the board and all cells will be displayed as sticky notes.  

When should a Risk Matrix be used?

A risk matrix is a perfect tool for defining risk impact or setting risk probability and priority. Whenever performing a risk evaluation or risk assessment, have a risk matrix template on hand to help design a mitigation strategy.

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