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Make a clear list of what you need to accomplish, or make a plan to increase your productivity and save time by using a Priority Matrix. The concept of time management quadrants (proposed by Stephen Covey) is a powerful management tool that helps you to use your time wisely.

The Priority Matrix has two dimensions: urgency and importance. Quadrant I is for the most immediate and important deadlines. Quadrant II is for long-term strategizing and development, which means tasks that are not urgent, but are important nonetheless. Quadrant III, which is for urgent but not important tasks, is for time-pressured distractions that must be done immediately even though they are not urgent. Quadrant IV is for the kind of tasks that yield little, if any, value.

Analyze your daily or weekly activities and assign issues to the appropriate quadrant before evaluating where you need to make changes.

Miro allows you to:
  • Collaborate with your teammates online by sharing real-time access to the board with them.
  • Add colorful sticky notes to separate and differentiate your issues on different quadrants.
  • Manage and replace tasks, type comments and mention colleagues to get their quick feedback.
Tip: If you already have a list of issues on your physical desk, just take a picture of your sticky notes and upload it on the online whiteboard.
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