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RACI Matrix (Responsibility matrix) helps you to have the right conversation with the right people, saving everyone time
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What is RACI Matrix?

The RACI Matrix is an essential management tool that helps to identify roles and responsibilities, therefore avoiding confusion and misunderstanding during a project. The acronym RACI stands for Responsible (the person who does the work to achieve the task and is responsible for getting the work done or decision made); Accountable (the person who is accountable for the correct and thorough completion of the task); Consulted (the people who provide information for the project and with whom there is two-way communication); Informed (the people who are kept informed of progress and with whom there is one-way communication).

Why should you use the RACI Matrix?

RACI matrices are widely used in project management because of their benefits:
  • Assigning responsibility for all roles to achieve a particular project or task.
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities to ensure that everyone knows his or her tasks and deadlines.
  • Making sure that the right teams are involved, which eliminates duplication of effort and reduces the risk of misunderstanding.
  • Helping with decision-making.

When you use Miro to make a RACI Matrix, you can:

  • Engage everyone in front of the online whiteboard by giving them access to it so they can discuss all of the project's bottlenecks and avoid misunderstandings between teammates.
  • Add sticky notes, upload documents, type and resolve comments in real-time, and mention teammates to get their quick feedback.
  • Use a list of integrations to make your collaboration smoother and easier.
  • Add templates to supplement your RACI Matrix and create a detailed and complete picture of your project.
Tip: Analyze the filled-in matrix to be sure that it’s balanced, and review participants and their roles if needed.
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