RACI matrix template

Track responsibilities and ensure you have the right conversations with the right people.

The RACI Matrix is an essential management tool that helps teams keep track of roles and responsibilities and can avoid confusion during projects. The acronym RACI stands for Responsible (the person who does the work to achieve the task and is responsible for getting the work done or decision made); Accountable (the person who is accountable for the correct and thorough completion of the task); Consulted (the people who provide information for the project and with whom there is two-way communication); Informed (the people who are kept informed of progress and with whom there is one-way communication).

About the RACI matrix template

What does RACI stand for?

RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. Each of these words describes the person’s role and the last two are differentiated by what type of communication they should engage in during the project. The Responsible person or people must get the work done or decision made. The Accountable person or people must be accountable for the completion of the task. The Consulted person or people must provide information for the project. And the Informed person or people must be kept informed of progress.

Why use the RACI matrix?

The RACI matrix has a number of benefits: it assigns responsibility for all roles to achieve a particular project or task, it clarifies roles and responsibilities to ensure everyone knows their tasks and deadlines, it ensures the right teams are involved and avoids duplicated efforts, and it helps with decision-making.   

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