Team Alignment


The Purpose of this template is for you to map and align your team around a relevant strategic topic.

Are you and your peers aligned around your strategy, next workshop, or project launch? The Team Alignment template is for any team leader, project leader or manager in charge of getting everyone to contribute to the success of the team. The template offers a predesigned process and visual structure ensuring everyone has a shared view throughout a remote workshop while keeping a good pace with a high level of engagement.

The template has 11 steps:

  1. Agenda: Walk through the agenda so everyone understands the purpose, process and objectives of the workshop[5-10 min].

  2. Introduction: Make a short, compelling presentation to set the tone for workshop and its strategic topic [10-15 min].

  3. Check-in: Get everyone engaged from the start, by asking each participant to check in around the topic of the workshop [15-25 min].

  4. Introduction to exercise: Walk through the four strategy questions you will be working on [10 min].

  5. Build visual language: Invite everyone to create a visual language around your strategic topic. This is serious fun which improves the quality of the strategic conversations [20-30 min].

  6. Exercise (individual or in small groups): Each participant / participant team works with the template [30-40 min]

  7. Presentations: Participants / participant groups present their strategies to each other [30 min]

  8. Synthesis: Facilitate a dialogue where all templates are merged into one overall and shared strategy [20-30]

  9. Debrief: Facilitate a dialogue about what you created and key insights, learning and new questions [10-20]

  10. Check-out: Ask 1 or 2 check-out questions where participants voice their answers [10-15 min]

  11. Wrap-up and next steps: Thank everyone for their contribution and describe what happens next with the outcome [5-10 min]

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