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Feedback Action Plan (FAP)

What's Feedback Action Plan (FAP)?

A simple framework to gather, review, and take actions on the feedback that's relevant to the project goal all in one single page.

Why FAP?

  • Align the team to move from personal opinion (feedback) to greater clarity on the actions to take

  • Empower teams to continuously improve by turning constructive feedback into productive actions

  • Incorporating valuable feedback to improve the innovation process

How does the FAP work?

The FAP incorporates the learnings from the feedback they have received from “I like, I wish, I wonder” and turn them into actionable steps at “We will amplify, We will address, We will implement” to create valuable changes.

For feedback and suggestions for improvement please fill out this survey. Thank you!


Frankie Kok
Design Thinking Coach@IDEO U
Frankie is a business designer who help companies find product market fit using design thinking and lean start-up. He also coach creative problem-solving skills to global learners at IDEO U.

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