Socio-Technical Ecosystem Model


Socio-Technical Ecosystem Model (STEM) is one of the Spectral Thinking tools helping you to understand and plan the ecosystem of your interest, taking into account various aspects and roles. The ecological definition of the ecosystem inspired this model and thus it goes beyond the traditional approach of listing key players and products.

STEM breaks the ecosystem into eight aspects:

  1. Ecosystem engineering core (material + concept aspects)

  2. Value creation chains

  3. Resource cycles

  4. Investment flows and growth restraints

  5. Knowledge and expertise hubs

  6. Feedback cycles

  7. Expansion memes and entrance barriers

  8. Information exchange markets

Each aspect has behind it specific actors and motivations and also conveys specific opportunities and risks for ecosystem development.

The model might be used for ecosystem exploration (e.g., studying competitor landscape), risks analysis, development foresight, and other goals.


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Constantin Kichinsky
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We explore the future of humanity, develop the Spectral Thinking methodology, and create tools for explorers like us.

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