Start, Stop, Continue Retrospective


A perfect remote retrospective template to get teams thinking about what in their current workflow works well, what needs work, and what do they need to start doing. This doesn't need to be used at the end of a sprint or project - it can be used when forming teams to determine the best way to proceed successfully. If you haven't run a retro before, there are instructions and recommended timings for each part of the activity, and an idea of what you should be ending up with once the retro is over.

Participants: 2 - 10+ (one facilitator needed).

Time to complete: 15 - 90 mins dependant on team size.


  1. Try and use an icebreaker before to get everyone warmed up and ready to share

  2. Ask everyone to spend 5-15 minutes writing sticky notes with items for each of the Stop, Start, Continue areas.

  3. Once this has been done, spend a few minutes grouping these into themes for discussion.

  4. If there is a lot of themes, tell the participants they have between 3 and 5 votes each. They then can vote to decide which topics should be discussed further.

  5. Spend a few minutes discussing each topic, and try to write down actions for each to take away and address.


  • Try to encourage the team to be open and honest.

  • Ask members to use emojis to react or emphasise different topics raised.

  • Ensure actions are assigned to individuals to take away to address changes needed.


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Laura Timmins
Head of UX Design and Research@Cera Care
Head of UX Design and Research at Cera Care. Previously worked at Moneysupermarket and Co-op.

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