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Online SketchingOnline Sketching

Online Sketching Template

Visualize ideas and design mobile apps quickly and easily. Minimize wireframing efforts and get instant feedback when prototyping.

About the Online Sketching Template

Sketching is a way to visualize ideas and design prototypes easily and quickly.

UX and UI professionals use it widely, and it helps minimize efforts when wireframing an app.

Keep reading to learn more about the Online Sketching Template.

What is online sketching?

Online sketching is a quick and easy way to draw a concept, idea, or app prototype.

When UX designers plan a new mobile app layout or design a new app, they create a simple visual representation of the idea to share with stakeholders before they sign it off.

And, because many ideas and concepts are challenging to communicate orally, they first do some online sketching before the more detailed and time-consuming step of app wireframing.

3 benefits of using an online drawing tool

Online sketching helps you better formulate your concepts and ideas, and this template is an excellent tool to use at the early stages of the mobile app design process.

See the key benefits of online sketching:


Easily share each iteration of your project or design with any relevant stakeholders.

You and your team can make changes directly on the board, providing a more collaborative and seamless app wireframe experience.

Ideation and iteration

One advantage of using online sketch tools is that you can save each design iteration and build off previous designs by quickly accessing them.


The online sketching template has design features that help you create app wireframes. You can draw buttons, create tags, and plot multiple screens or ideas using the wireframe library.

3 ways to use the Online Sketching Template for mobile apps

  1. Plan mobile app layouts

Building a new mobile app is complex and time-consuming for designers and developers. An online sketching template can help take some of the pressure off.

Use it to plan the layout of your new mobile app, map out transitions between screens, design logos and buttons, and much more.

2. Show you mobile apps flow

There are many moving parts to contend with when creating a new app. Online sketching allows you to show your app’s user flow, seamlessly transitioning between screens and functionalities.

Share your design concepts with cross-functional partners, such as product, marketing, and development teams to get their input as well.

3. Design logos

Creating a new logo for your brand is a complicated exercise. Everyone from product to marketing to the CEO will have an opinion on the design.

That’s why an online sketching template is the most powerful tool in a designer’s toolkit. Design logos, share your work and distribute your ideas early on.

FAQ about the Online Sketching Template

How to use the online sketching template?

When developing mobile apps, use the online sketching template to present early design concepts and receive quick feedback before starting your app wireframe process. Use the ready-made template and the pen tool to sketch your app designs roughly.

Are there any templates for online sketching?

You can use our pre-made template and make any changes you’d like to suit your particular needs. Invite team members to join your board and collaborate, and use the @mention or video chat if you need to get input from others. You can upload other file types such as documents, photos, videos, and PDFs to store all the relevant information in one place.

Online Sketching Template

Get started with this template right now.

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