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Online Sketching Template

Visualize ideas and design prototypes quickly and easily.

Sketching is a way to start to visualize ideas and design prototypes easily and quickly. It is widely used in the field of UX and UI design. Miro online sketching is a flexible and handy tool for remote collaboration in real-time or in the initial stages of prototyping.

The sketch tool allows you to change elements, draw the main buttons and columns, and write comments and tags as you go. Minimize your effort with our wireframe features library, and use the pen feature to make changes quickly. You can even upload pictures or save files — feel free to vary elements on your sketch and get creative.

About the online sketching template

What is online sketching?

An online sketch board allows you to draw up a rough sketch for a concept. You can easily share your sketches with stakeholders, save them for future ideation, or make changes on the fly. When UX designers are planning a new website layout or mobile map, it’s helpful to create a visual representation of the idea. But most ideas don’t emerge fully-formed -- and many are difficult to communicate orally. It can be difficult to capture complex ideas about website design, layouts, pages, and transitions.

3 benefits of using an online sketch board

Why use an online sketch tool rather than an old-school pad and paper? Well, Miro’s online drawing template offers a range of functionality that will enhance the process of idea generation. 


With an online sketch board you can easily share each iteration of your project or design with any relevant stakeholders. These team members can make direct changes to the design or provide input, providing a collaborative experience you can’t get with just a pad and paper. 

Ideation and iteration

One advantage of using online sketch tools is that you can save each iteration of the design and build off of previous designs by accessing them with the click of a button.


The virtual sketch board comes with a wealth of helpful features for designing websites, mobile apps, and other digital projects. You can draw buttons, create tags, and use the wireframe features library to plot out multiple pages or ideas. 

5 ways to use an online sketch board

1. Plan website layouts

For designers and developers, building a new website is a complex, time-consuming process. An online sketch board can help take some of the pressure off. Use your online sketch board to plan the layout of your new website, map out transitions between pages, design logos and buttons, and much more. Collaborate with remote, international stakeholders at the touch of a button.

2. Create mobile apps

When creating a new app, there are a lot of moving parts to contend with. The online sketch board allows you to build an effective workflow, seamlessly transitioning between tasks. Share your design concepts with cross-functional partners, and make digital copies for design, product, and finance teams to take with them.

3. Design logos

Creating a new logo for your brand is a complicated exercise. Everyone from product to marketing to the CEO will have an opinion on the design. That’s why online sketch board is the most powerful tool in a designer’s toolkit. Design logos, share your work, and distribute your ideas.

4. Plan events

Events planning is high stakes. For most companies, events represent a significant investment of time and resources. The online sketch board empowers you to plan out your events efficiently and secure stakeholder buy-in. Draw a layout for the venue, lay out a step-by-step plan for the event, and share your ideas with collaborators around the globe.

5. Hold better brainstorming sessions

Collaborate without worrying about erasing your drawings and starting over, drawing over messy pen-and-paper sketches, or spilling coffee on your paper sketch as you carry it to another meeting room.

How to use the online sketching template?

Start with our pre-made template and make any changes you’d like to suit your particular needs. Invite team members to join your board and collaborate, and use the @mention or video chat if you need to get input from others. You can upload other file types such as documents, photos, videos, and PDFs to store all the relevant information in one place. 

Online Sketching Template

Online Sketching Template

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Easy to use

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Built-in collaboration

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Seamless sharing

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