Team Superpowers Portrait

The Team Superpowers Portrait is a simple worksheet to help teams better understand the different personalities, working styles and strengths present in their group.

Knowing how co-workers like to work and what they’re really good at allows teams to improve collaboration and involve team members in a more targeted fashion. It also shortens the learning curve for new employees or recent additions to the team.

Acting as a user manual for each team member, the Superpowers Portrait fosters understanding and psychological safety, a key ingredient for happy, successful teams.

Who is this for?

Teams that collaborate remotely. Can be especially beneficial when teams start working together or a new team member joins.

How to use

  • Duplicate the worksheets if necessary, so that every team member has one for themselves.

  • Give every team member 15 minutes to fill out all available fields in the Superpowers Portrait as suggested.

  • Encourage participants to customize the Team Superpowers Portrait and use it to express their personality (e.g. through images).

  • Once your team is ready, get everyone together on a call and have each team member talk through their portrait to make it come to life and foster an even stronger understanding.

  • Have fun!


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