Team Building

Social Bull's Eye


Step 1 and 2 - 5 min

Ask everyone to pick a dot and position themselves on the bull's eye based on how connected they feel to the team. The closer to the centre, the more connected they feel.

Step 3 - 25 min

Once everyone places themselves on the the bull's eye, ask them to finish the sentences. They use multiple sticky notes. The answers can be to do with behaviours, attitudes, beliefs, process, etc. Then have them share their answers out loud.

This part requires a lot of vulnerability. Encourage it by giving everyone the space to speak their mind and heart freely but don't push too hard if they find it difficult to share. What you might find is that people who are not high performers, team players or contributors, place themselves on the outer rings. This might be because they do not get enough recognition for their work or that their self-worth is low. Whatever the reason, it's good to explore it further.

Step 4 - 30 min

Have team members answer each question below using a sticky note, then discus and agree the 3 things you will try implementing.

Make note who to have further discussions with in their 1:1s based on where they placed themselves.


Lech works with organisational leaders to design and deliver cultural transformation to improve ways of working, collaboration and trust. He also host 'we got this' a company culture focused podcast.

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