Empathy Map Template


Empathy is a core part of human centred design. It helps us connect and engage with people directly, and can reveal valuable insight into the way they think, the values they hold, the way they do things and why.

An Empathy map is a design tool to help you better understand your users. It will help you to capture insights about your users behaviours and attitudes - from observable things like what they say and do - through to inferred thoughts and feelings. Getting these onto a canvas you help you to synthesise research observations and reveal deeper insights about a users needs, in a visual format.

With this canvas, don’t get too hung up on what goes where. E.g is that a “says or does?” The purpose of the exercise isn’t to correctly categorise, but to empathise and identify with the user.


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Jeshua MacDonald
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Hello world! I am an Agile Coach in New Zealand. I am passionate about using online collaboration tools to enable discussions that will lead to awesome customer experiences and business outcomes.

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